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Microneedling for dark eye circles

If you’re a victim of the dark circles that can form under the eyes due to aging, chances are you’ve tried everything, from concealers to eye creams, in the hope that something will make a difference. Here at the Blush Lab (located in Klemzig, Adelaide South Australia) I have a solution that may help solve your undereye problems, and give your overall skin appearance a boost too!

What Causes Dark Eye Circles?

Ageing is a leading cause of dark circles under the eyes. When collagen begins to break down with age, the deep fat layer under the skin begins to move down away from the eyes resulting in a hollowed look, aka, those dark circles. Other causes of dark circles under the eyes include:

  • Genetics

  • Unhealthy, stressful lifestyle

  • Lack of sleep

  • Drinking too much alcohol

  • Unbalanced diet

  • Dehydration

How Does Microneedling Help?

Collagen production slows drastically with age. Through microneedling, we are performing a treatment that induces a controlled injury to the skin and as a result, the skin generates more collagen as it heals itself. Following the treatment, your levels of collagen naturally increase, and you will see that youthful glow return to the areas that previously lacked volume.

Will It Help My Dark Circles?

Whether you’re specifically targeting dark circles or another skin concern such as fine lines and wrinkles, you’ll be attacking the root of the issue - collagen loss. Instead of applying eye cream and hoping it will erase your dark circles, you will be giving your eye area exactly what it needs: increased collagen.

What Is Involved?

This treatment is safe, simple, and effective. During your appointment, a handheld electronic needling device gently moved across the skin. The pen contains a needle cartridge and a powerful motor, that controls the cartridge to perform quick stamping motions, and the tiny needles create puncture wounds in the skin. The skin reacts to these micro-injuries with increased blood flow and collagen production.

What Does It Feel Like?

Generally speaking, Microneedling is not too painful. It definitely sounds a lot scarier than it is! If you are nervous, you can bring a tube of numbing cream to your appointment and I can assist you with the application. As the pen moves back and forth across your face or any other area being treated, you will feel some light pressure and vibration.

What Else Does Skin Needling Help With?

If you’re looking to reduce dark circles under your eyes, microneedling will help by increasing collagen to the area and essentially adding volume where volume has been lost. At the same time, the rest of your skin will benefit from the increased collagen. Not only is this treatment effective for treating dark circles under the eyes, but it also helps treat many other common areas of concern.


Are all of those days laying out in the sun and trips to sunny locations for spring break, sans sunscreen, finally catching up with you? If this describes you, chances are you have a condition known as hyperpigmentation. Microneedling is an effective treatment that helps with hyperpigmentation by evening out the color and tone of your skin.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Overexpressing your facial muscles, time spent in the sun, stress, and life in general are all to thank for early-onset fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment targets these issues by increasing blood flow, collagen, and elastin production and by filling the skin with essential nutrients and compounds.

Acne Scars

Nothing can deplete your confidence like an acne scar can. With this treatment, you can help put acne scars right where they belong: in your past. Acne scars are treated when the dermaroller sweeps across them and punctures them with the tiny needles, causing an increase of collagen in the scars. The scars are then filled with collagen and the area is smoothed out.

How Often Should I Go?

You will see results from microneedling after 2-3 treatments. In order to recommend the best treatment plan based on your specific area of skin concern, I will perform a consultation with you prior to the treatment. During this consultation, we will discuss your skin concerns and goals and together plan a course of treatments and home care that will ensure lasting results.

Will I Be Able to Stop Using Eye Creams?

Following your microneedling treatments, you will see an improvement in the dark circles under your eyes. No longer will you have to search for expensive miracle eye creams in hopes that they work, only to be disappointed. However, this is not a miracle cure. Every single person on the planet has natural darkness around the eye area, due to how thin the skin in this region is. You will still have some mild darkness, and you also need to care for that delicate skin with eye care products.

The Benefits of Topical Creams Following Your Treatment

After microneedling, your skin is now covered in microchannels, which are basically small, needle-sized openings. As your skin begins to repair itself, you’ll have an added benefit in that anything you put on your skin will penetrate far deeper than it was able to prior to the treatment. All of the creams, serums, and products you apply to the healing skin will reach deeper than they were ever able to beforehand, and as a result, will give you the best results possible.

Get Rid of Your Dark Eye Circles Today

Don’t go another day living with your bothersome dark eye circles now that you know there is an effective solution. Contact me at The Blush Lab in Klemzig, Adelaide and schedule your microneedling appointment today. I will help target your dark circles with this effective treatment and the results will be long-lasting–meaning they won’t wash away like your concealer at the end of the day!


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