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PDRN Microneedling - Face

Anti-Ageing, Firming & Tightening.

PowerLift Enzyme Facial

Firming & Tightening, exfoliating and brightening.


Deep cleansing & exfoliating.

Signature Hydration Facial

Hydrating, softening and soothing.

BB Glow Facial

Brightening, Anti-Ageing & Hydrating

Oxygen Therapy Facial

Brightening, Hydrating and Soothing.

Microneedling - Face, Neck & Decolletage

Anti-Ageing, Firming & Tightening.

Microneedling - Stomach

Firming, tightening and toning.

Pure Peel

Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid

Dotless Plasma Skin Resurfacing

Stimulating and rejuvenating

Microneedling - Scalp


Microneedling - Neck & Decolletage

Anti-Ageing, Firming & Tightening.

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